Friday, July 3, 2009

Ghostbusters キ

キ 53 characters.

"I am the キmaster... are you the gatekeeper?"

how many

How many ghosts are there in this movie? How many people get marshmellowed?


Egon is the epitome of strange.
Venkman: "This reminds me of the time you tried to drill a hole in your head"
Egon: "That would have worked if you hadn't stopped me."

draw near

As slimer draws near, Venkman really should have moved. Eww!


I thought there was nothing remotely equestrian (related to horse riding) in this movie, but one scene with Rick Moranis talking to a horse comes close!


The traps, the zappers, this movie is loaded with awesome mechanisms.


I ain't 'fraid of no ghost!....or spirit!


"At noon, 10 people witnessed a free floating full torso vaporous apparition!" - Ray, about the library ghost. Or you can think of vapor as dry ice, one of the most overused special effect of the 80s, and this movie is no exception.


Venkman giving the poor guy with the fro electric shocks from across the wooden desk. or the secretary's desk in the GBs HQ.


Slimer is always hungry!


The GBs get kicked out of their previous college facilities. So, they take a previously run-down firehouse and turn it into HQ!


Sygounrney Weaver hopes that the ghostbusters can help her!


The GB's set the standard for "paranormal elimination" in NYC


Don't cross the streams! It's too dangerous!!!


Janine Melnintz, the secretary, is a memorable scribe. I think of that scene where Egon pops out from under her desk. *AHEM*


Ray: "We really haven't had a successful test of this equipment
Egon: "I blame myself."
Venkman: "So do I."


The scene where Ray is roused from his sleep by a female ghost undoing his belt... I don't seem to remember that from when I was a kid, hmm...


Chronicle sounds like the name of a newspaper, so, the various newpaper headlines involving GBs that pop up during the montage.


When Bill Murray thinks his girlfriend his dead (And doesn't know she is alive inside a crumbling shell of a statue)

national flag

I imagine the national flag of zuul looks something like this.

chess piece

Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis play characters who are used like chess pieces: the keymaster and the gatekeeper.


The fundamentals of ghostbusting: aim steady, set the trap and don't cross the streams!


Both Moranis and Weaver's characters (keymaster and gatekeeper) are possessed for a period of time in this movie.

branch off

Venkman's expertise branches off into many fields, but mostly ghostbusting and lady killing.


The GB's brandishing their badass zappers.


This could reference many of the paranormal scenes of the movie... when Sigourney Weaver's characters sees the radiant light behind her door.


The GBs are forced to abandon operations when they get arrested!


This kanji reminds of me of changes in weather, so I think of the dark clouds, storms and all around hell-breaking-loose weather that comes when Zuul is in season.


The GB's undertaking their first case, in the hotel.


The end of the movie.


Dr. Venkman, in the beginning of the movie, is loathe to collect the precious ectoplasm. "Somebody blows their nose and you wanna keep it?"


The GBs are in a "rut" when they are overloaded with work.


All of NYC rejoices when the Stay Puff Marshmellow Man is defeated!


utensil... this kanji is also used for weaponry. Hence, the GBs zappers (or protoplasm emitters if you prefer)


I ain't afraid of no ghost!


It just doesn't fit the flick, so, I imagine some kind of funky tortoise ghost, maybe Slimer's 2nd cousin twice removed...


when the catholic priest shows up in the mayor's office! "I'm not gonna call a press conference and tell everyone to start praying."


break 毀
overjoyed 嬉
hollyhock 葵
glitter 暉
zelkova 槻
rocky beach 磯
sparse 稀
peep 稀
winnowing fan 箕
ornate 綺
kneel 跪
tuna 鮪
fish fin 鰭
giraffe 麒
capital suburbs 畿
stalwart 毅
cheer 煕


Notes: As you may have already noticed, I've added lists of kanji from Remember the Kanji 3 (an expansion of the first book with another 1000 characters) that match my on-yomi groups. My plan is to go back and make stories for them, most likely next year after I've learned them sufficiently. It will also be a good chance to review my old templates.

Notable, recurring correlations: 己、棋 (right side)、奇。This template is much more random than some previous ones.

This movie is just plain fun. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, (if not for studying, than for the nostalgia!) I'm a busy man, but I'm trying to generally update once a week. See you next time...

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