Monday, June 22, 2009

How to use this site

1) The movie you want to use to supplement your studies should be a movie you are well familiar with, and can recall certain scenes from with ease.

2) Look over the template, see if you like the "story" ideas (the sentences used to link some aspect of the film to the keyword of the kanji). If not, change them to your liking.

3) Watch the movie, bearing in mind the on-yomi and each character you are trying to learn as their respective scenes comes up.

4) As for review, I'm not yet certain myself - ideally you hope to remember most of the characters, but if one or two give you trouble down the road, I think a quick reminder of their grouping and association to whatever movie/pronunciation used should be sufficient. Watching the movie more than once isn't necessary, as you should already be pretty familiar with its content.

I'm new to this too (I'm learning as I go along and make up these templates) so I'm open to feedback.

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