Tuesday, June 23, 2009

South Park - Season 1 Episode 13:"Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Sl*t" - エ

This next template is an example of what I'll be doing for on-yomi groups with too few kanji to make a whole movie template. I was 13 when I saw this episode, and I remember being extremely annoyed when they opened the next season with Terrence and Philip instead of the legitimate sequel. (there was actually a huge, unanticipated surge of complaints to Comedy Central as a result) If the show aired in Japan, perhaps there would have been one loud, resounding え?!?

[You can watch this episode for free at www.southparkstudios.com]

South Park - Season 1 Episode 13:"Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Sl*t"

" エ! Kitty, that's my corn-beef cabbage! That's a bad kitty!"


Mr. Mackey asks a favor of the boys, to videotape Cartman's strange behavior.


Mrs. Cartman's infamous meeting with Eric Cartman's... father(s)?! (Chef, Chief, Mr. Garrison, pick your favorite)


The end of this episode is the picture of suspenseful cliffhangers. (this one was a bit difficult)


How many different times does Cartman's Dad's identity change in this episode?!

garment - reliant

Cartman is reliant on his "Naive American" garments to understand his "father." And his hip hop garment when he thinks Chef is his father. ("Oh my God! I'm a black African American!)


Notes: 回向 (えこう), Buddhist memorial service is the only compound with 回 using that pronunciation (which I could find in my Nelson's Kanji Dictionary); かい is MUCH much more common. However, since it's a valid pronunciation it's included in the list. This is a problem - the problem of multiple 音読み - we'll run into time and again, and it really can't be helped - しょがない as the saying goes. If there is any way to mentally link the two or three movie templates which share a kanji reading, that might be a good strategy. For example, assuming I used 回(かい) for, say, Die Hard - "how many times does Bruce Willis almost die in this movie?" Imagine Eric Cartman thinking John McClain is his father. It's a bit of a stretch, but from what I've read (and my own imaginative experiences learning kanji) this kind of thing does work - I will report on how it works for me, anyhow.

The real conundrum here is, should I use the sequel to this episode (Cartman's Mom is still a Dirty Sl*t) as a template for エイ, the elongated version of this reading? Or would it be too confusing? Looking for feedback, thanks.

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