Tuesday, June 23, 2009

South Park - Season 2 Episode 2:"Cartman's Mom is still a Dirty Sl*t" - エイ

[You can watch this episode for free at www.southparkstudios.com]

South Park - Season 2 Episode 2:"Cartman's Mom is still a Dirty Sl*t"

エイ - 映画(えいが)movie. America's Most Wanted makes a movie out the South Park's shooting!

16 characters


Kenny reappears back from eternity for another episode!


Kenny (a.k.a. Team B) swims through sewage and snow to get to the power activation area.


Cartman needs to recite all of "come sail away" after hearing the opening line.


The Dr. in this episode sounds rather campy. And English? (tho if so it's a terrible attempt at it)


The people of South Park deciding to eat Eric Roberts doesn't reflect well on their morals.


The Hells Pass Hospital in South Park is an "Equal Opportunity Employer" - hence their quadriplegic nurse. (Image: Remember when she hands the doctor the needle with her mouth. Despite her handicap, she does great at her occupation!)


Mrs. Cartman sleeps with every politician in defense of her beliefs about abortion! (or was it adoption...)


Cartman's pointed attitude when it comes to finding out who his father is! Or the quadriplegic nurse holding the long, pointed needle in her mouth.


Mephesto is shot in shadow... or when the power goes out, putting the town and hospital in


After the fetus has flourished to the "40th" trimester, it's too late to get an abortion! Poor Mrs. Cartman!


sucking infant

crystal stone

brush tip


dribble out



Notes: I decided to go ahead and make this episode be my template for エイ; If I find it confusing (in correlation with the previous episode, which I don't think I will since they're pretty different in plot besides a running gag) I'll redo it later.

There are some good examples in here of stories that I personally don't even need. I already know 英語 (English) and 映画 (movie) and you probably do too, it's beginner's material. I'm putting them in for the sake of completion and, perhaps, readers of this blog, assuming it builds some kind of following. But I know those two stories are lame (connecting England with this episode was tough), so if anyone has any better/alternative ideas please submit them. A few of the other characters in this group I'm familiar with, such as 栄養 (えいよう nutrition) or 水泳 (すいえい swimming) but could definitely use the reinforcement on them. And the rest are brand new to me, as far as on-yomi goes.

I've been itching to get started on this project for a while, and the momentum is full speed for now! Work should keep me busy but I will try to get another movie template done this week. I want to crank out a lot of these this summer, before I'm bogged down with JLPT2 studying in the fall.


  1. Hi, good job so far. I've found after experimenting (as well as experiences with mnemonic techniques themselves) that using multiple episodes for different readings is generally not a good idea. While you're probably ok with the two south park episodes you've done so far, you can get confused real easy, as the locations tend to be the same (especially for a show as poorly animated as South Park).

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks dude. I definitely see it's a dangerous game, the two episodes are distinct enough in my mind but I'm definitely wary of adding any more from the show.

    This is fun so far - thanks for the inspiration. :)